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Donations to the Missouri City Parks Foundation support Missouri City park acquisitions, improvements, and maintenance.

Pavers can be purchased to support the Veterans Memorial Project.

East Hampton Circle Parkland Project

The Missouri City Parks Foundation has identified the E. Hampton Circle Parkland Project as its #1 initiative for 2023-2025.  In March 2022, the City purchased of 8.1406 acres of undeveloped land at E. Hampton Circle and Kathy Avenue using American Recovery Plan Act (ARPA) funds. Securing parkland in this area of the city was identified as a priority in our 2021-2031 Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Master Plan, which the City Council also approved in March 2022. After completing the purchase of this parkland, the City conducted four public outreach meetings, two at the Fonmeadow Clubhouse and two at the Fondren Park Clubhouse. The purpose of these meetings was to solicit feedback from residents regarding future park amenities.  Feedback from the residents helped create the conceptual design. The estimated cost of this project is $4.7M.  Development of this park remains unfunded at this point.

Sta-Mo Sport Complex

The Sta-Mo Sports Complex includes multiple baseball and softball fields, restrooms, and concession stands.  It is a 28.6 acre complex located at the intersection of Court Road and Moore Road in Missouri City.  Over the past 10 years, the use of the park has diminished.  The $10.5 million redesign aims to diversify the parks offerings and attract new visitors.  Under the redesign, amenities at Sta-Mo would include two baseball and two softball fields, a cricket pitch, outdoor pickleball courts, a dirt bike track, pavilion space, and playground equipment.  Recent bond funding approvals have allowed the city and county to come close to funding the project; however, more funds are needed to complete the redesign.

Park Maintenance Support Fund

The Missouri City Parks and Recreation Department maintains and operates:  21 developed parks in 515.03, 14.4 miles of trails, 15 properties with 501.68 acres of undeveloped parkland.  With so many demands on limited resources, the Parks Maintenance Support Fund allows the Parks Foundation to support unmet park needs in Missouri City.

Undesigned / Administrative Support

The Missouri City Parks Foundation does not receive annual financial support for its efforts.  All support comes from community and corporate support.  Please consider donating annually to assist the Foundation in continuing to enhance community connectivity, open spaces, and park development. We exist to make Missouri City an even greater place to live, work, and play.

The Missouri City Parks Foundation would like to thank the following for their donations of $25,000 or more:

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